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This is my story:

About two years ago my life was different.
I started gaining weight, I was always tired, I had no energy, I couldn’t focus.

December 31, 2007. I made my annual New Year's Resolution to get healthy. I had been making that resolution and not sticking to it for some years at that point. But this year was different. No longer did I want to lose weight so I would look good, but rather I wanted to lose weight so that I could live well. Being at your weight goal, or fitting into your skinny jeans, or turning heads will satisfy you much more than ice cream and potato chips.

Weight loss isn't always easy. There are numerous diet plans that can tell you how to lose weight fast. Some work better than others, some are easier to stick to than others, and some are less expensive than others. I tried many different diets and many different exercise plans.

One of the most effective ways to shed pounds is to lose weight by running. We all want to get in better shape, but sometimes maintaining that shape is the real challenge.

I decided to start running.
Running is a very flexible form of exercise. The time constraints in my life can be hard to schedule around, so my hobbies have to be flexible. I can run almost anywhere at anytime. With only a pair of running sneakers and workout clothes, I can run in the morning, at night, at lunchtime, wherever and whenever my schedule allows. While I also enjoy some of the cardio equipment in the gym, getting to a gym isn’t as convenient as stepping out my front door and going for a jog. While running doesn’t have to be your only means for burning calories, it’s a great addition to any plan and it’s a potential life hobby.
People started to notice my weight loss and asked me how I did it. It seemed so easy to me. I started to run more and more. I began reading about running and started to really enjoy it.

I’ve been asked by my friends, could I please explain what is it and why do runners run? They just don’t get it for some reason! Believe it or not as long as you’re going to be a runner you will continue to be asked that question. Some people can’t understand it, others will support you, and that is the best feeling.

By August 2008, I was able to run a half marathon continuously. I continued on with my running and decided that in October 2009 I want to run my first marathon.

I started running in races and became completely addicted. I loved to get ready for a race.

I run for many reasons: to relieve stress, to stay healthy, to burn calories, and to have fun, just to name a few. Running energizes me and helps me clear my head. The days when I don't run I feel like something is definitely missing.

Like many runners, I was in constant search of the perfect training partner. My requirements are stringent: my partner has to show up on time for workouts, be enthusiastic about the idea of running in cold, or rain, or even at 5 a.m. So, the only one who wants to run with me is Sharo, my dog.

Sharo is getting a workout, building strength and aerobic fitness, and we are outdoors together. And we built a relationship that's based on getting outdoors and having a good time.

Anyone who has a dog knows how important it is that your pet gets plenty of exercise. Workouts keep your dog fit and healthy and provide an outlet for his energy. One of the best ways to give your dog exercise is to take him for a run. And believe me, he will absolutely love running.
On Sunday, October 11 I will be participating in Bank of America Chicago Marathon on behalf of PAWS Chicago. I invite you to support this event by joining in my belief that no dogs or cats should be destroyed just because they are homeless. All runners will raise money to support PAWS Chicago’s life-saving Adoption, Spay/Neuter, and Humane Education programs.

There is nothing more inspiring than achieving an athletic dream, and nothing more rewarding than doing it for a cause you believe wholeheartedly in.





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