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One of the most memorable day!

One of the most memorable day of my life was the day when I ran the Marathon. I cannot tell you how exited I was caught in the middle of the crowd, 45000 people strong, waiting for the starting gun. Exited to be ready for the race, exited to have close to me my friends, waiting for me at the 13.1 mark, exited to be able to run together with my training group and also exited to have a nice day ahead, perfect for running (around 45 degrees F) not one of those hot and humid Chicago days which most of us expected to be. Quite the opposite, we were dressed with extra clothes to keep us warm before the race, and when it started, you could see above you those clothes flying away to the sides, people getting rid of them. So, your first step of the run, was with hands up to protect yourself from whatever flew above you.

The Chicago Marathon is one of the most exiting race in the world. On one hand because of the runners, 45000 elite and regular people, sharing the race and on the other hand, the spectators coming to the race to cheer them on, about 1 million, with funny slogans, costumes and short artistic acts like: cheerleaders in Boys-town, flamenco dances in downtown, symphony orchestra in Little Italy and Elvis south of Greek Town. It is so strange but true that I had fun from beginning to the end of the race.

My goal was to finish the race, so I did not push myself at all, taking my time, saving my energy and enjoying the moment. I reached my goal finishing in 4h49m04s, in very good health condition, not tired, not sore, but happy and proud of myself.

I want to share with you a few of those slogans which made me laugh during the race: "Go catch some canyons"; "Hurry up, we are cold"; "Run like you stole something"; "Hurry up, they are almost out of beer" I also saw runners dressed up like "the incredible Hulk", "the Lochness Monster" (5 guys tied together), "Bride and Groom"; "Cardinal and Nun"; "a guy in hula costume" and list can go on and on.

I will gladly recommend to anybody to try this experience, at least once in their lifetime, doesn't matter how old, out of shape, or impossible you might think it is, because with discipline and professional advice you can do it too!

I want to thank again to all of you whom supported me in achieving my dream to conquer the Marathon and raise money for PAWS Animal Shelter. I raised $700 which money went to support abandoned and sick animals, to save them from human violence and promote the idea of "no kill" because "pets are worth saving!"

A special thanks goes to for their kindness to let me use their web page to promote myself, helping me in this way to raise more money for pets.

At the end of the race I had the double satisfaction: one of finishing the Marathon and two to raise money for a charity, which enhanced my joy; because finishing the race and not sharing the moment with others is like you never finished it!

Many thanks,

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