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One of the most memorable day!

One of the most memorable day of my life was the day when I ran the Marathon. I cannot tell you how exited I was caught in the middle of the crowd, 45000 people strong, waiting for the starting gun. Exited to be ready for the race, exited to have close to me my friends, waiting for me at the 13.1 mark, exited to be able to run together ...



Two more days to go! Am I crazy enough to do this? Yes I am, but also I can realize that it's not going to be easy. Who wants to switch with me? I'm not going to trade palces for anything! I'm ready to experience whatever those 26.2 miles will bring on ...


Ready to run 20 Miler!

On September 20th I was ready to run 20 miles. It is an event sponsored by CARA, an association that helped me to train for The Chicago Bank of America Marathon. Every Saturday morning at 6:45am, all summer long, I met with...



Week 10.
Eight weeks before the big day!
My parents are here for three weeks. I also have to go to work and have to run 17 miles at the end of the week.
I'm saying to me: "If you'll pass this week, you'll be fine finishing the Marathon."


Running with CARA!

A couple of weeks ago I've started the training with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association).


Running on "THE STRIP"

I took 5 days off at the beginning of May, my first "vacation" this year, after a few long and busy months, in order to relax a little bit.



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